30th Anniversary Spotlight Interview – Lou Cohen

30th Anniversary Spotlight Interview – Lou Cohen

Spotlight Interview:  Lou Cohen, Shareholder & President

Name:  Lou Cohen
Title:  Shareholder & President
Department:  Tax
Hire Date:  10/19/1990

Lou Cohen began his career in Washington, DC in 1984.  He joined Caler, Donten, Levine, Cohen, Porter & Veil, P.A. in 1990 and became a Shareholder in 1994.  He provides tax, compliance, and consulting services for closely-held businesses, pass-through entities, and high net worth individuals.  He also has extensive experience with the restaurant and hospitality industries and directs the Firm’s Restaurant and Hospitality practice.  Additionally, Lou testifies as an expert witness on matters involving trust accounting and business litigation.

When did you know you wanted to be an accountant/work for an accounting firm?

It all started when I took a bookkeeping class in high school.  Not only did I find that I really enjoyed it, but it ended up being a subject in which I excelled.

What is the most enjoyable part of your work?

Working with the staff and watching them learn and prosper.

What is the most enjoyable part of being part of the CDL team?

Watching our Firm grow and seeing the changes that we implement from year to year and how they make a difference on how we do things.

What do you wish someone had told or taught you when you entered the accounting world?

Keeping a detailed record of what you do every day is something you will never be able avoid.

What was one of the most important things you learned from your mentor(s)?

If you work hard in this business, no matter the hours or bad days that you may have, it will become very rewarding for you, both financially and intellectually.

What do you think sets CDL apart from other accounting firms?

Our commitment to Shareholder involvement to our clients along with a strong Firm emphasis to give back to our community.

Is there anything specific you would like the community to know about CDL?

We have now grown to be the largest single office CPA firm in South Florida, with over 90 staff members.  Additionally, we support many charitable organizations year in and year out, both with monetary funding as well as contributing personal time.

What was your most memorable story or event since you became an accountant and/or since working at CDL?

Becoming a shareholder of CDL was probably the most memorable.  Being roommates with my fellow Shareholder, Dave Donten, was the one of the funniest times of my adult life so far.

What are your interests outside of work?

Watching my 2 daughters play travel soccer and spending time on our boat in the Bahamas during the summer.

Is there anything you would like to learn from someone in the millennial generation?

What drives you to come to work every day?  How do you handle so many social media outlets and your professional obligations on a daily basis?

Is there an interesting fact about you that you would like to share?

I met my wife of 19 years here at the Firm… she was the original receptionist!

Do you have anything you would like to share regarding our 30th anniversary and the success of our Firm?

As president of this Firm for many years now, as well as a shareholder for over 23 years, I have seen this Firm grow every year, both in people and in revenues.  To look back and think of when we operated with 20 or so people, without email, internet, or a cell phone, I can’t imagine how we were able to accomplish tasks on a day to day basis AND grow each year.  Somehow we found a way, and it would be very interesting to put our staff of today back to those days and see how they would perform.  Just to see their eyes when you tell them that we did what we do today, but without all of the modern technology… it boggles their mind.  They look at us like we are dinosaurs!