CDL Employees Volunteer After Busy Season in a Big Way

So where do you find CDL employees after an exhausting busy season? Well volunteering of course. CDL employees were in the community in a big way, volunteering for non-profit organizations throughout Palm Beach and Martin Counties. CDL employees built, cooked, barbequed, swept, lifted, mixed, planted, painted and cycled to raise awareness and funds for five non-profit organizations.

The results were amazing: More than 55 CDL employees volunteered; more than 25 volunteer hours were accounted for; and more than $25,000 was donated to support the charities. It was a lot of sweat and hard work as CDL employees demonstrated their do-good spirit and civic pride after busy season.

Home Build (Habitat for Humanity Martin County, Stuart)
On April 27, nine CDL volunteers arrived at a home construction site in Stuart to help install windows, paint fascia boards and clear debris from the sides of the home. CDL was one of six volunteer groups to work on the home which is expected to be completed this summer.

Barbeque and Tacos (Molly’s House, Stuart)

On May 10 (Mother’s Day weekend), and then again on May 31, ten CDL volunteers cooked at Molly’s house in Stuart. Molly’s House provides short-term, affordable accommodations for the families of hospitalized loved ones and hospital outpatients. Menu planning centered around a barbeque on May 10; a taco fiesta on May 31.

Women Build (Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County, Jupiter)

On May 25 (Memorial Day Weekend), 13 volunteers participated in the Women Build to work on a home construction site in Jupiter. The team worked through the afternoon clearing debris. This is CDL’s second year in participating in the Women Build and making home ownership a reality for very deserving families in our community.

Garden Build (VA Hospital, West Palm Beach)

On May 18 (National Armed Forces Day and CPA Day of Service), 14 CDL volunteers headed to the VA Hospital to begin the ground work for planting a new community garden as part of the VA’s healthy eating/living program. CDL volunteers hauled and laid bricks, prepped soil and painted the VA’s Longevity Garden which will be dedicated in fall 2019.

Cycle (American Heart Association, North Palm Beach)

On May 23, ten CDL volunteers cycled and supported the American Heart Association CycleNation event to raise awareness about heart healthiness. For the second year in a row, CDL was a proud sponsor of the event, which pitted teams against each other in a friendly spin relay competition. CDL team members showed off their cycling skills and stayed on the leaderboard for the entire event.
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