Maintaining a profitable construction business is a daily challenge.

Your future depends on how strong your business is today. Strengthening your business means managing your cash flow, improving customer satisfaction, and finding and retaining key employees. CDL is the leading local CPA firm, responsive and flexible to our clients’ needs, acting as a business advisor you can trust.

Our professional staff understands the operational and financial issues inherent in this industry.

  • Financial reporting and bonding requirements
  • Project estimating and scheduling
  • Designing work flow activities
  • Increasing operational efficiency and profitability

We also offer a depth of experience in important industry areas like accounting for goodwill and other intangible assets. Our seasoned professionals understand the treatment and presentation of financial statements, as well as the related capitalization and amortization of these accounting items.

CDL’s clients span a wide range of specialty areas in the building trade including residential and commercial construction, electrical and mechanical operations, and more. As always, our clients have access to a network of resources that is comparable to large national firms and the responsive and personalized service one would expect from a much smaller firm.