Rhonda Guinazzo, Director of Family Office, Offers Insight to The Washington Post

CDL’s Rhonda Guinazzo offered insight to The Washington Post about the issues faced by the ultra high net worth families in conjunction with the potential tax plans offered by presidential candidates (“The Finance 202: The Super-Rich are Already Working to Avoid Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Tax”).

Anticipating potential cuts to family gifting as a tax shelter, some of the country’s most wealthy are considering making moves to preempt any drastic changes to the tax code. Rhonda gives some perspective to The Post, “They hate to sit by and do nothing, but they hate to move too quickly.”

Rhonda joined Caler, Donten, Levine, Cohen, Porter & Veil, P.A. in January 1996. Rhonda has direct contact with Family Office clients, assisting with the day-to-day operations of their homes and businesses. She works closely with CDL’s Tax Department to assist in all aspects of the family’s income tax planning and compliance needs. Rhonda also coordinates with the other advisors, to provide the most comprehensive strategies for individuals and families.

To read the entire article, please visit: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/paloma/the-finance-202/2019/11/11/the-finance-202-the-super-rich-are-already-working-to-avoid-elizabeth-warren-s-wealth-tax/5dc89ce2602ff1184c3163a2/

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