We offer a full range of options applicable to not-for-profit organizations including assurance, accounting, and tax services.

Our goal is to help you serve your community as efficiently and productively as possible while complying with all federal, state, and other requirements. For decades, we have been assisting not-for-profit organizations by providing the services they need to meet the requirements and expectations of donors, boards of directors, management, leaders and bondholders, government agencies, and other interested parties.

We are not only dedicated to providing assurance, accounting, and tax services, but our Shareholders and staff serve on the board of directors of various community organizations. We also have a Community Service Team designed to encourage our staff’s involvement in charitable giving and volunteer opportunities to benefit various local and national organizations.

We serve a wide variety of not-for-profit organizations of all sizes including:
  • Arts and Cultural Organizations
  • Civic and Community Organizations
  • Educational Organizations
  • Health and Welfare Organizations
  • Life Science and Biotech Organizations
  • Private Charitable Foundations
  • Religious Organizations
  • Research and Scientific Organizations
  • Social and Country Clubs