Professional Services

Your people and your customers are the driving factors behind your success.

While some businesses are driven by large machinery, human assets drive the success of your business. Just like any other business, protecting and growing your assets is essential to continued success. Employees, partners, and shareholders all play an essential role in your organization.

At Caler, Donten, Levine, Cohen, Porter & Veil, P.A., we are dedicated to helping our clients meet the unique challenges that professional service providers face. If you are an architect, doctor, dentist, lawyer, or other professional service provider, you need an adviser that understands your industry and is committed to helping you build a successful and sustainable business.

Whether you are making benefit plan decisions, selecting the right business entity structure or planning for the succession of your business, we have the experience to provide solutions that meet your unique needs. Our services include:

    • Financial Statement Audits, Reviews and Compilations
    • Tax Consulting and Compliance
    • Business Valuation Services
    • Employee Benefit Plan Audits and Consulting
    • Employee vs. Subcontractor Decisions
    • Debt and Equity Consulting
    • Compensation Planning
    • Ownership Consulting & Entity Structuring

In today’s competitive environment, you need every advantage you can get.